You are an Inspiration

9 10 2012

While I honestly didn’t think I would be publishing another blog post so soon, nor was this originally a topic I had in mind. However if I don’t get this out I have a feeling it will keep me up all night.

I have heard it said that people are always watching you. Not in a creepy stalkerish kind of way, at least not in this post. I originally thought that it was something people in authority said to keep you wary of what you were doing. I have also heard “You may be the only bible someone ever reads” or “You may be the only Jesus someone sees”.

I have, on a fairly regular basis, used my lunch hour to study my bible and have my quiet time with God. I honestly don’t believe I mentioned it to anyone at work. I just closed my office door, at lunch and spent time with God. One day a woman I worked with wanted to talk. She said “I know that you study your bible and go to church …” Well I just about fell over. How did she know? Did I say something? How could she possibly know what I was doing in my office during lunch? Then I was reminded of the phrase that people were always watching.

In the first letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul says:
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV)

Tonight I was at my CR step study and after answering a question about my growth during the recovery process, one of the guys told me I was an inspiration to him. WHAT…… way … you must have the wrong guy! Honestly those are the things that went through my brain. All too often I feel insignificant and like I am not contributing to the group. Tonight I was floored to learn that I was an inspiration to at least one other guy.

You, yes you, are very likely an inspiration to someone. They may never tell you that. I know that I have been reticent in telling others that they are an inspiration to me. Being an inspiration to others is not reserved for adults. In fact there are teenagers at my church who by their actions are an inspiration to me. They inspire me to draw closer to God.

Remember people are always watching … be an inspiration to someone!

Until next time …



One response

10 10 2012
Andrea Pederson

Thanks for your blog today. It is a good reminder that you are always an example, not only to your children, but sometimes to random strangers.

The church that I was raised in taught that if you lead a good life and follow the teachings in the Bible, people will come to you and ask what is the key to leading a happy and fulfilled life. It is much easier to bring others to God if they respect and admire you and want to know your secret, than it is to convince random strangers of what you believe.

Too many people seem to think they only need to appear to be following God’s teachings while they are at church and forget how many people they may be turning away by their behavior everywhere else they go. Those who need answers are always watching.

Thank you for living the example that others need to see. (And making some of us aware of how much more we could be doing.)


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