Our First Foster Placements

6 06 2018

I realized when I read my previous blog posts that I stopped blogging before we got our first placements. Shortly, like within a few days if I remember correctly, my wife got a call about 10:30pm for an emergency placement of a 10yr old. Her parents had taken her to the doctor for a distended abdomen and the test results indicated she was pregnant. We talked for a few minutes and agreed we would take her. Then CPS asked if we could also take her 8 year old sister. We said yes and after we got off the phone with CPS immediately texted our licensing worker. Amazingly he was still awake and called. We told him what we knew and prayed for the girls and the situation.

About 1:30am the next morning, two scared little girls with the clothes on their back and little else arrived at our home. We didn’t run to Wal-Mart then but we were there later in the morning to get them some clothes.

We took the 10 year old for some tests and they determined that she had an ectopic pregnancy. With her father’s permission, she was scheduled to remove the mass of cells. It was during this procedure that she wasn’t actually pregnant but had a large cancerous tumor. The scheduled another procedure to remove the tumor and start treatment. This meant that every day we were driving to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to visit her as by court order her parents were not allowed to see her yet.

I am so thankful for my “bio” daughters who treated the both, but especially the younger one, as sisters and helped immensely with care while we visited with helped the older of the two with what she was going through.

The older girl was not eating enough so they decided to put in a feeding tube. It was during this time I was able to see just God had been bringing all the necessary people into our lives. It “just so happens”, I believe it was by God’s plan and design, that one of the folks in our bible study group was a pediatric nurse at Phoenix Children’s hospital. When the older girl coughed up the feeding tube, we were able to call on our nurse friend who knew exactly how to put the feeding tube back in.

These two were with us for several months and then were moved to a friend of their mother’s. There mom had passed away a few years before. My wife still saw them at school the next year so we were able to kind of keep track and know the court had still not come to resolution on the reason why they were removed from their home in the first place.

I am so thankful for all the prayers and people God put in our lives for just a time as this. Our foster care support group, or amazing licensing worker and our friend the pediatric nurse were all people God knew we would need to help us with our first placements.

Until next time…



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