A little about me….

I lived most of my life within 20 miles of where I was born which was in the East Bay Area of California. I moved to Arizona in 1997. It wasn’t the wonderful 118 degree weather, though the winters are very nice, that brought me here. It was the ability to afford a house for my wife and 4 children.

I love computers and technology and have a passion for photography. I tried to make photography a business but work, life and other things just got in the way. More correctly I let them get in the way, but that is a whole other story.

I have been involved in church for a majority of my life. I have just in the last year or so been building a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Believe me there is a HUGH difference between religion and a relationship. I may blog about it some time.

I have been though 3 major surgeries in the span of 15 months. One hip, two knees and a foot. I haven’t flown in the last 15 months but I bet the wonderful TSA folks are going to love me when I have to go through security.

You can find me on facebook or on Twitter.

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