You are an Inspiration

9 10 2012

While I honestly didn’t think I would be publishing another blog post so soon, nor was this originally a topic I had in mind. However if I don’t get this out I have a feeling it will keep me up all night.

I have heard it said that people are always watching you. Not in a creepy stalkerish kind of way, at least not in this post. I originally thought that it was something people in authority said to keep you wary of what you were doing. I have also heard “You may be the only bible someone ever reads” or “You may be the only Jesus someone sees”.

I have, on a fairly regular basis, used my lunch hour to study my bible and have my quiet time with God. I honestly don’t believe I mentioned it to anyone at work. I just closed my office door, at lunch and spent time with God. One day a woman I worked with wanted to talk. She said “I know that you study your bible and go to church …” Well I just about fell over. How did she know? Did I say something? How could she possibly know what I was doing in my office during lunch? Then I was reminded of the phrase that people were always watching.

In the first letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul says:
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV)

Tonight I was at my CR step study and after answering a question about my growth during the recovery process, one of the guys told me I was an inspiration to him. WHAT…… way … you must have the wrong guy! Honestly those are the things that went through my brain. All too often I feel insignificant and like I am not contributing to the group. Tonight I was floored to learn that I was an inspiration to at least one other guy.

You, yes you, are very likely an inspiration to someone. They may never tell you that. I know that I have been reticent in telling others that they are an inspiration to me. Being an inspiration to others is not reserved for adults. In fact there are teenagers at my church who by their actions are an inspiration to me. They inspire me to draw closer to God.

Remember people are always watching … be an inspiration to someone!

Until next time …

A Little About Paul…

8 10 2012
Welcome to my blog. If you are still here by the end of this post, please be sure to leave a comment so I know who I am writing to.
My name is Paul I was born a long time ago in a land far away. Not really THAT long ago but I will qualify for AARP in 2013. And whether I was actually born in a land far away depends on your definition of far. If you had to walk it you would think it was far away but you can get there in about 14-16 hours by car. I never tried getting there by horse so I have no concept of how long that would take.
I found God, probably more accurately God found me, when I was in high school. There was a evangelistic meeting and this girl I would have done almost anything for, invited me to attend. I did. I believe the speaker that night was Tony Campolo. At the end when he did an alter call, I felt a stirring in my soul that I needed to go forward. I looked to my friends who I THOUGHT indicated they would go up with me. However when I stepped into the aisle and started walking, there weren’t there. I went up anyway. My walk with Christ was sporadic at best. It wasn’t until I was desparately trying to study for a Calculus test in college that my walk started to have direction. These two guys from a campus ministry wanted to share the gospel with me in spite of my protestations that I had to study for a calculus test. I let them talk and recommitted my life to Christ on that bench that day. I know something miraculous happend as that was the ONLY calculus test I ever got an A on.
Shortly after that this stunningly beautiful young lady started hanging out with the group of folks I hung out with. After a couple of dates, I created an “application” to be her boyfriend. Thankfully she said yes! We have been married since 1986 have four awesome children. One boy and three girls.
I have been very involved with the church ever since we were married sometimes burning myself out because I just couldn’t say no.
Many years and tears later, I started attending Celebrate Recovery (CR) as I was sick and tired of being overweight and all the challenges that come with it. As I have been working the program, I have felt the urge/guiding/leading to start writing a blog. If you want to learn more about the Celebrate Recovery program, feel free to ask me or go to the Celebrate Recovery webiste.
This won’t be all about CR, nor will it be all about my walk with Christ. Though those topics will come up. I have several topics in mind such as my review of iPad apps, my surgeries, foster care and my love of things pumpkin.
If for some bizarre reason you want to keep up with me between blog posts you can follow me on Twitter @pfrogers63 or facebook
Since you made it this far, I would appreciate you letting me know you were here by leaving a comment.
Until next time . . .

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