Bathroom Hand Dryers

6 07 2018

I am nominally a very practical person. I am not a germaphobe!  I think it is a great idea to use hand dryers in restrooms to reduce paper litter, keep the bathroom clean, reduce landfill, and save trees. However I have to wonder sometimes if the people designing these facilities are either naive or not thinking things through.

If you “assume”, and I learned from the movie “Bad News Bears” what happens when you assume, everyone washes their hands, then having a hand dryer and a door that opens IN to the bathroom is a workable idea. However, I have observed that the above assumption is false. I don’t have any data on the percentage of folks who wash versus those who don’t but even if one person doesn’t wash, this is a problem. Now if there are paper towels so that you can use one of those between your clean hand and the door handle, then all is good. Except that now we are using/wasting a paper towel when the whole idea was to not use that resource in the first place.

For example, I have washed and dried my hands and now they are germ free. Then I have to grab a handle that the person who didn’t wash used just before me. Now my hands have picked up some of their germs.

What dawned on me the other day was the restaurant employees at one of these facilities. There are signs that tell them they must wash their hands before returning to work. The fact that the sign is necessary is scary enough. Anyway, so now they have washed their hands because of the sign. Then they have to grab the handle to get out of the restroom and the person before them didn’t bother to wash. I mean they aren’t an employee so the sign doesn’t apply. Now this employee who washed their hands and had to grab that less than sanitary handle, is serving you your food.

I am certain I am not the first person to think this all the way through. Some might say I am overthinking this.  I am fairly certain this is not an original blog post.

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